The Ride

Tyres may not be the primary issue when choosing a wedding car or chauffeur service, but they play an important role!  The Bentley is known for its smooth ride, and great suspension (ideal for large venue gravel and inner-city driving).

Practicalities of the Bentley

This car is not just for show!  Whether it's honeymoon luggage, business equipment, emergency hair/makeup supplies or a purse, storage which is practical is just another in a long list of reasons making this the ideal car for events and travel.

Maintenance and Reliability

Not only does our regularly serviced engine look unnecessarily great, the care and time spent helps to eliminate breakdowns and engine troubles.  Whilst we're not going to tempt fate and call it infallible, we believe the 98% uptime speaks for itself.

A Luxurious Ride

Travel in comfort thanks to the calibre and class of a Bentley vehicle.  The level of comfort is hard to exceed in a car.

Personalise Your Experience

Put your mark on the occasion with the option to personalise the car with foil printed ribbon.  We have over 20 colours to choose from, which can be personalised with your name, logo, message or even image. Add an extra sparkle with our new glitter range!

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